2015-02-18 13.33.40

After a minor delay, the Burberry Rain or Shine Blush has finally arrived to most counters in London. (I will include updates as to whether it has arrived in Singapore.) The Burberry Rain or Shine Blush is a star product of the Spring Summer 2015 makeup and is inspired by the hand painted patterns on the Burberry Prosum SS15 runway. It is a a blush/highlighter combo and a limited edition product (in fact, the Sales Assistant from the John Lewis Oxford Circus store told me that they have only received 5 in total).

As seen from all the photographs released online (and here on my blog), the palette has the words “Rain or Shine” with a cloud. The shades are Pink Azalea, Bright Coral and Nude, with a hint of sparkles embossed in the letters. Although I cannot confirm which name matches which shade, the palette is largely a mid-toned pink blush shade, with a subtly darker letterings and a beige cloud.


2015-02-18 13.36.17I will be the first to admit: when I got the shade from the helpful Sales Assistant at John Lewis, I turned five and cooed “ooo, pretty.” Other than its beautiful packaging, this blush/highlighter combo gives a subtle yet flattering payoff. In fact, it takes a lot to build up the swatches on my forearm as seen in the photograph.

2015-03-01 11.27.29
A subtle sheer blush for a natural look – I’ve only used two strokes for this selfie

Upon application, it creates a healthy pink flush with a youthful radiance that can illuminate your face and take your makeup to a whole new level. I can wear it with little makeup and but I can also easily build it up when I want a pop of color in the evening. The brush is also fantastic, and allows a smooth application on my cheeks. The downsides however, are that like all Burberry beauty products, it can feel a little heavy. The brush can also easily fall out of the velvet pouch that comes with the blush/highlighter combo so I would recommend putting it together with your other makeup in a makeup bag. The scariest downside is ultimatley the price tag: it costs 45 pounds, which is pretty steep for a blush. Nonetheless, I do believe that this product is a must-have, especially if you are an avid collector of Burberry beauty makeup. It serves as a good brush for the Spring/Summer season and more importantly, it has lasting power (mine has lasted for about 6 hours before I needed a touch-up). I’ve also used the beige as a highlighter when I was applying eye makeup on the tube when I overslept this morning. On a further note, even though it’s limited edition, you should use it for all it’s worth the minute you get your hands on it. This is an incredibly pretty palette to hide away until god-knows-when. Plus you have no idea how many jealous looks I’ve gotten on the tube this morning. Heh, heh, heh.


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